Harald Seiz is right: Gold tops USD 1,800

Harald Seiz, head of the international Karatbars Group, will mark July 7, 2020 in red on the calendar.


Gold prices are near a seven year high and many dealers have had a hard time identifying sellers

When we have overcome this crisis, the world will be a different place. The psychology of investors will change. Business life will change. Consumption will change.

To understand Karatbars International, you have to know Harald Seiz. The managing partner and CEO is the heart of the company, continuously providing excitement and surprises.

As the head of a global technology and gold group, Harald Seiz knows a thing or two about the secret success. But nothing defines him better than his own motto: "You have to burn yourself to kindle the fire in others".

Where does gold, the precious metal coveted by mortals through the ages, come from? How, where and when was it produced? In August 2017, a single astrophysical observation finally gave the key to answer these questions.

An international group of scientists has shed new light on the origin of gold, one of the most intriguing mysteries for the scientific community.