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No matter where we are, the coming weeks will be difficult. Every day, we receive new information, new details and new horror news.


Karatbars offers help during Corona Crisis

Karatbars offers help during Corona Crisis>Karatbars has decided on new measures and actions to help during this time of uncertainty. Harald Seiz, Head of the internationally active Karatbars Group, will announce them within the next few days. "We want to show our affiliates and partners new ways and possibilities for a secure future," Harald Seiz confirmed to the Karat Media Group.


GoldHeart opens hearts

GoldHeart opens hearts>More than 750,000 coronavirus cases in 177 nations have shaken the world to its core. While the number of deaths continues to rise every day. As a response, the multinational Karatbars Group has launched the "Gold Heart" campaign. It is intended to help the Karatbars family and everyone around the world during these difficult days. Visit our Karatnews website for exclusive reports as they come in.


Simply Future

Simply Future>There are two words causing a stir: Simply Future. The globally active Karatbars Group has repositioned itself. CEO Harald Seiz says: "We make it easy to earn money. And our products are the future". The company now wants to use this motto worldwide. The campaign is currently being coordinated and creatively developed by an advertising agency in New York.

Karatbars-Chef Harald Seiz: Jeder aus der Karatbars-Familie soll an dieser Aktion teilnehmen.

Harald Seiz: #IStayHomeFor - the Karatbars Family

The coronavirus has put the world into limbo. Millions of people are no longer allowed to leave their homes. Kevin Bacon, the famous American actor and musician (Footloose, Hollow Man, Mystic River, Apollo 13), has launched the action #IStayHomeFor on Instagram. Karatbars is joining in: Chief Harald Seiz is staying home for the Karatbars Family. Affiliates and partners, but also customers and friends of the globally operating Karatbars Group are now invited to support the campaign. Write a sign with the hashtag #istayhomefor and publish the photo on your Instagram account. If you include the Karatbars logo in the photo, we know that you are supporting this great campaign. You are in good company. We want you to stay safe. We want all of us to get through this coronavirus in good health. We need every member of the Karatbars family to stay strong.


The world will be a different place

When we have overcome this crisis, the world will be a different place. The psychology of investors will change. Business life will change. Consumption will change.


The coronavirus global pandemic is the black swan of all black swans. Countries around the world are rolling out wartime-like emergency measures to fight COVID-19.

To understand Karatbars International, you have to know Harald Seiz. The managing partner and CEO is the heart of the company, continuously providing excitement and surprises.

As the head of a global technology and gold group, Harald Seiz knows a thing or two about the secret success. But nothing defines him better than his own motto: "You have to burn yourself to kindle the fire in others".

Gold prices headed for their strongest weekly gain since late 2008 on Friday, adding more than 8.2% as the rebound in global stock markets faded despite governments and central banks unleashing record financial aid, stimulus and lending programs.

China intends to test a digital prototype based on blockchain technology in the near future, which can be used to protect intellectual property such as patents from theft.

Gold is in demand. A must for many investors. "As a tangible asset, gold belongs in every well-managed portfolio," says Harald Seiz, head of Karatbars International. The company currently gives tips on what gold buyers should be looking for.

IMPulse K1 ist the first smartphone in the world that is working on „VOBP“ -Voice over Blockchain Protocol. In a total of six video clips, Ovidiu Tomo  explains how the new crypto mobile phone works.

Markets change. So do customers. 2020 is an important year for Karatbars International. In addition to the classic products, new technologies, new solutions will be presented and thus new markets will be conquered.

Good news for everyone looking for security on their mobile phone: The new IMpulse K1 is the safest phone in the world. All calls and transactions are mapped using a proprietary Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VoBP).

Where does gold, the precious metal coveted by mortals through the ages, come from? How, where and when was it produced? In August 2017, a single astrophysical observation finally gave the key to answer these questions.

An international group of scientists has shed new light on the origin of gold, one of the most intriguing mysteries for the scientific community.